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Guidelines For Jupiter Feature Request Poll (1)
Maintenance mode (1)
Jupiter Theme Chinese Version (1)
Classic URL based pagination (1)
Add ajax cart functions (1)
Page/site speed is slow (1)
An option to show a secondary image instead of the overlay in shop (1)
Add cart icon or navigation link to mobile header (1)
Pop-up modals (1)
Normal paragraph in the fancy title (instead of span) (1)
Skin color options (1)
Social icons/custom social icons (1)
Theme options in other languages (1)
Support for WC dashboard/social login buttons (1)
Turn off the theme cache (1)
Customizing search style (1)
Previous versions available for download (1)
Add header widgets (1)
Parallax and video backgrounds on mobile (1)
Features image caption (1)
Sticky header toolbar (1)
Add dynamically set layouts (1)
Google Pagespeed (1)
A pop-up for newsletter signup (1)
Floating quote or text (1)
Save Jupiter page options with templates (1)
Menu Burger needs to have text “Menu” option (1)
Visual Composer - Front End Editor 2 (1)
SVG for logo or featured image (1)
A sticky header menu for mobile fixed/sticky header position (1)