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Guidelines For Jupiter Element Request Poll - March 23rd-29th (1)
Modals (1)
Navigation customization - layouts (1)
Disable responsive option (1)
Membership integration/log in area (1)
More options for blog templates (1)
Icon box link in all areas (1)
A button which accept "tel:" and "mailto:" link type (1)
Material design elements/animations (1)
Make Edge Slider images responsive (1)
Flipping content boxes (1)
Open links into new browser tab (1)
Custom fields in portfolios (1)
Call to action button in the menu (1)
The option to add widgets to title bar (1)
Intro text in a different format (1)
Possibility to remove small divider in tab slider (1)
More blogs type (1)
Photo gallery carousel (1)
Customize Social Media links (1)
More image and video showcase options (1)
Shortcode for copyright notice (1)
Pie charts options (1)
Option to save a section as template for future re-use (1)
Pricing tables (1)
Vertical center of content (1)
Typewriting effect (1)
Price range slider (1)
Code editors (1)
Header CTA (1)