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Filtering by TAGS in elements such as BLOG SHOWCASE? (1)
Different menus for desktop and mobile (1)
Please include a new Google Font - Cormorant (3)
Output img sizes of logos (1)
FEATURE REQUEST: Parallax and video backgrounds on mobile (10)
Accordion closed at first sight (1)
Please bring back the Call To Action Element / Please ad some modern Contact Forms (1)
Suggestion (1)
Twitter Blogpost (3)
Jupiter custom image sizes (1)
Keeping sub menu showing when in sub menu pages (1)
Content Block Area Needed in Header, Beside Logo and Above Main Menu! (1)
Use Fotomoto in Jupiter (1)
Add Photo Album Slick-Slider Lightbox option to Visual Composer Slideshows (1)
Image hotspot add-on for visual composer (1)
Milestones/Countdown Refresh (1)
Image Gallery with Thumbnail slider - Ken has it (1)
Archive Loop Columns (1)
Suggestion regarding image galleries (1)
Testimonial categories available in Visual Composer "Category Showcase" element (1)
Please create an additional forum category specifically for bug reports (2)
Speed of the menue opening (1)
Sticky Footer (1)
Portfolio categories order (1)
The ability to make an entire animated column a link (1)
Modal Pop-up Login (1)
Woocommerce Cart Icon Chooser (1)
Twitter icon (1)
Saving Jupiter Page Options with templates (4)
A Sticky header menu for mobile (19)