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v5.9.8-b2 Bugs and issues related to Jupiter <strong>v5.9.8-b2</strong>
V5.9.8-b1 Bugs and issues related to Jupiter v5.9.8-b1

Global Transparent Header [v5.9.8-b2] (11)
Responsive menus not working [v5.9.8-b2] (12)
Child theme breaking header builder [v5.9.8-b2] (8)
Header Builder - This page isn’t working [v5.9.8-b2] (5)
Header Builder, Gray Screen [v5.9.8-b2] (6)
Header-builder opens a empty page [v5.9.8-b2] (4)
Color Picker in header builder – only accepts colors with red [v5.9.8-b2] (3)
Header builder generate fatal error [v5.9.8-b2] (2)
Loading google font multiple times [v5.9.8-b2] (2)
Duplicating content header builder [v5.9.8-b2] (2)
Border header [v5.9.8-b2] (2)
Header builder accented characters problems [v5.9.8-b2] (2)
Love the new header builder - Would love a few additions/tweaks though [V5.9.8-b1] (10)
Header Builder - Language Switcher [V5.9.8-b1] (12)
Bug Report - Header Builder [V5.9.8-b1] (8)
Bug Report - Header Builder (bug) when using Child Theme [V5.9.8-b1] (4)
Header Builder Bug Report: Main Menu won't link to anchor points [V5.9.8-b1] (7)
Bug Report- Grey Screen [V5.9.8-b1] (4)
Boxed layout issue [V5.9.8-b1] (4)
Header builder [V5.9.8-b1] (3)
Won't allow updates [V5.9.8-b1] (2)